Top 5 Organization Tips to Support You and Your Kids

Organization is also about planning and time management, a bunch of executive function skills that overlap and play off each other.

Organization is also about planning and time management, a bunch of executive function skills that overlap and play off each other.  Organization is reliant upon visual memory and spatial skills so things like color coding, labeling, checklists, schedules all supports that are prominent.  These tips are simply scratching the surface. Each area can dig deeper into personalization for person and setting. 

  • Everything has it's home: Where does the backpack or school bin live when not in use?  What should be in it? Create a list.  What shouldn’t be in it? Need to clear it out every time it gets parked. Within the backpack, a folder for physical homework that needs turning in so it doesn't get crumpled up and lost in the bottom.  

  • De-clutter! Get all the stuff out that isn’t meant to be in the drawers or on the surface.  Create a clear space with functional drawers and for some it is helpful to label the drawers so it’s clear what should be in them.  

  • I’ll drop in here that de-cluttering and organizing their bedrooms is important, they don’t know how to reign it in on their own.  “Clean your room!” won’t work here.  Help them to sort, categorize, and organize creating a home for everything. 
  • Don't ignore the digital clutter:  Seriously, I would love for you to all send me pics of your desktops...I would imagine many of us are guilty.  It’s so easy since it doesn’t take up much space, and most of the time nobody else sees it.     

  • Clearing the junk and setting up systems digitally is critical!  Use the Chrome Bookmark bar to save all the places they need to go in labeled folders so they can easily find them.  Take the time to unsubscribe from the junk mail.  There are services out there to help with this! 
  • Planners...I need two more blogs to really break down planners! Planners support working memory, kids should always have their planners handy so they can check in and stay on track.  Time management is another executive function skill that is supported with learning to break up the day into chunks and being present to how long tasks realistically take.  Create a system within the planner to capture assignments, manage homework, and time manage larger projects and studying for tests.

  • Digital planners are a preference for many, they can have them on their phones and their computers, can personalize them for what they need, and it’s a self contained tool.  Lots of cool options available. 

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