My Top 5 Signs of a Resilient Woman

I could talk about resiliency for days....

I could talk about resiliency for days....this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

As humans we all exercise our resiliency muscles on the daily...I kinda feel like I've been in training for the resiliency Olympics! 

Here are my top 5: 

1. Resilient women figure out that the stress will be more intense when she focuses on that which she has no control over. She needs to figure out what she CAN control and stay on top of those things. One can’t control other people or can only control their reactions to them.
Apparently I am all about CONTROL so this one was tough for me! I developed a mantra that helped me to sort shit out in the moment.

2. Resilient women have a growth mindset and are always seeking opportunities for expansion. They are always seeking what they can learn from their experiences.

This is my jam...I am always seeking books, podcasts, events. I love to connect with others that have been down the same road, perhaps a bit ahead of me, to learn from.

3. Feeling all the feels...this is where I struggle. My feelings are sometimes so intense that all I can do is eat them...and other times I am so fired up that I want to work out for hours - always seeking a balance.

Resilient women know that action absorbs anxiety and soothes the soul. On my best day I’ll take a walk, dance it out, do a workout.

Allowing the tears to flow, taking time for a good cry is something I have taught myself. Let the tears flow, feel the feels and then pick up and keep going. I also learned to be okay with being vulnerable- showing all of these sides of the process.

4.  Resilient women are often fiercely independent because so many depend on her. She knows that self care is a priority. She knows that balance must come from within. She knows how to ask for the time and space she needs.

I am always striving to do better in the area of self care. Even if it is only a few minutes each day to close my eyes and breathe deeply with intention to calm my body. I actively refuel with exercise, laughter and music. I have so many tools, tips and tricks that I use to focus on self care and self love.

5 . Resilient women have solid, loving friendships which increase their feelings of self worth and self confidence, while also diminishing the impacts of stress.

One thing I know for sure...I wouldn’t be as resilient without my friends and family!

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